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Postdoctoral fellow

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Two-year position as fulltime postdoctoral fellow at the Norwegian Stem Cell Center, Oslo University Hospital 

A two-year (potentially expandable to three) fulltime post-doctoral fellowship is available at the Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research, Oslo University Hospital. The candidate will be working with Dr. Jean-Luc Boulland and Mark Züchner (Consultant Neurosurgeon). The work will also be done in close collaboration with veterinarians, it will take place in Norway, and abroad. The project focuses on electrical stimulation of the central nervous system in a recently developed large animal model for spinal cord injury (Züchner et al., 2019 Front. Neurol. 10.3389/fneur.2019.00223).  

The candidate must have a PhD. As a background, he/she could be a MD or a veterinarian or a neurophysiologist. If the candidate is an MD or a veterinarian, he/she will learn to perform spinal surgery in pigs guided by a senior Neurosurgeon.  If the candidate is a neurophysiologist, he/she will learn designing and building prototypes of implantable stimulation electrodes. In all cases, the candidate will also further engage in the analyses of locomotor behaviour and histology/immunolabelling of the spinal tissue. The candidate will also be involved in planning and executing a clinical trial with electrical stimulation of the nervous system.


• A PhD
• Medical doctor/veterinarian interested in neurosurgery/spine surgery

Alternative qualification:
• A PhD in neuroscience/neurophysiology
• Experience on central or peripheral electrophysiology (recording/stimulations in animals/humans)  

 Suitable candidates will be contacted directly during the process. 

Personal qualifications
• Motivated for team work
• Motivated for short but regular stays in foreign countries
• Interested in multidisciplinary collaborations
• Proficiency in English

We offer
We offer a dynamic research environment with insights into neurosurgery/spinal surgery, electrophysiology, locomotor behaviour, quantitative immunofluorescence and innovation. In addition, an introduction to the duty system of the neurosurgical department may be possible if the candidate is qualified and interested.