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Professor II/Associate Professor (20 %) combined with a full-time (100%) senior consultant position in Gastroenterology

Offentlig forvaltning

The Institute of Clinical Medicine has a vacant position as Professor II/Associate Professor (20 %) in Gastroenterology. The part-time
academic position is combined with a full-time (100%) senior consultant position in Gastroenterology at Akershus University Hospital, Department of Gastroenterology.
Relating to the main position:
The Department of Gastroenterology consists of an inpatient ward, a daytime unit, an endoscopic unit, an outpatient clinic and a research unit at Nordbyhagen. In addition, there is daily endoscopic activity at Ski hospital which is also part of the department. However, the work related to this position, will (mainly) be at Nordbyhagen,
The department has currently 20 senior gastroenterologists, including 2 adjunct professors (professor II). Moreover, 5 physicians in specialist training 3, 5  physician in specialist training 2.
The inpatient ward at Nordbyhagen has 14 beds. In daily clinical practice the department covers all areas within the field of gastroenterology.
When it comes to clinical research there is a special interest for inflammatory bowel disease and chronic liver disease. At present the department has 4 PhD candidates and 1 post doc position. Several research projects, both self-initiated and clinical trials from industry, are ongoing. A broad collaboration has been established with both national and international research groups.
The department has a very close collaboration with the Surgical Department of Gastroenterology with regular MDT meetings. Furthermore there is a close collaboration with several other departments at the hospital including the departments of Radiology and Pathology and the Oncology Department and the Children and Youth Clinic.
At the endoscopic unit there is a huge activity with more than 10 000 examinations pr year. All kinds of diagnostic and advanced therapeutic endoscopies are performed. Many patients are therefore referred from outside the catchment area.
The department also has a large teaching activity related to own employees and students.
By appointment, 50 % of the senior consultant position is expected to be used for research and teaching.


For complete job description with qualification requirements and basis of evaluation on the academic position, please see: https://www.med.uio.no/klinmed/om/ledige-stillinger/stillingsbeskrivelser/2024-4380-description-of-position-gastroenterology.pdf
Interpersonal skills and the ability to create an attractive research environment, plans for research and ambitions relating to the applicant's personal teaching practice will be emphasized. The successful applicant will participate in teaching of medical students at the University of Oslo. As a main rule, interviews will be held and references collected. Applicants may also be required to give a trial lecture.

Personlige egenskaper:

  • A cover letter and CV.
  •  Complete list of publications.
  • Separate list of 10 most relevant publications to be evaluated specifically for the position (please submit in full text). 
  • Overview of experience in supervising PhD candidates, including names of the candidates, period of supervision, information on institutions and dates for the presentation of the theses, as well as specific information regarding experience  as main- or co-supervisor for each candidate.
  •  form---phd-candidate-supervision.pdf (uio.no)
  •  Description of qualifications regarding administration, leadership, teaching and foreign language skills.
  •  Other relevant qualifications.

Vi tilbyr:

Please, scan and send the documents as PDF-files (maximum 10 MB)
See guidelines for designing the application, information for applicants, rules for appointments to Associate/Adjunct Professorships as well as rules concerning pedagogical skills: http://www.med.uio.no/english/about/vacancies/procedures/  


HR- Officer in charge Maren Retterstøl Olaisen, Institute of Clinical Medicine (questions regarding the academic application): +47 228 50 545