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Helse Sør-øst RHF

Postdoctoral scientist/fellow

Offentlig forvaltning

Oslo University Hospital is home to Norway's largest team of health professionals. The hospital has nationwide responsibilities for a number of national and multi-regional  assignments and has several national centers of competence. Oslo University Hospital is affiliated with Faculty of Medicine of University of Oslo and is one of the largest medical research institutions in Europe. We employ professionals within a wide range of diciplines, and we are always looking to recruit the most competent staff members. If you are passionate, motivated and at the top of the game within your field, you might be our next team member.

The Molecular Cardiology Research Group at Division for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases has an open 3-year postdoctoral position. We are seeking a candidate with PhD-degree in biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, or other relevant field of expertise. Start date as soon as possible or upon futher agreement.
The major focus of the research group is to unravel key molecular mechanisms in the pathogenesis progressive fibrosis. Progressive fibrosis is associated with several chronic disease conditions, e.g. chronic kidney disease, heart failure, interstitial lung diseases, or autoimmune inflammatory disease, and is ultimately an important cause of organ failure. The research group is currently focusing on Cellular Communication Network proteins (CCN proteins), a family of secreted matricellular proteins/growth factors involved in tissue repair mechanisms. Some of the members of this family are also validated disease targets of progressive fibrosis. Yet, the mechanisms of transmembrane signaling is poorly understood, as are the intracellular signaling cascades activated by these proteins. We have uncovered that these proteins are secreted as preproproteins that requires proteolytic processing following secretion from cells in order to become biologically active (Kaasboll, OJ et al J Biol Chem 293(46):17953-17970, 2018). We have established recombinant expression systems for large-scale production of several members of this family. The postdoctoral scientist will be engaged in biochemical and cell biologic studies of CCN proteins in order to uncover their mechanisms of activation, signal transduction mechanisms and cell biologic functions. The postdoc may also be involved deciphering of the role CCN proteins in animal disease models, including genetically engineered mice.

Oslo University Hospital is an equal opportunity employer commited to a diverse and inclusive work environment in reflection of our societies.


Formal qualifications: Recent PhD degree (within last 4 years) in biochemistry/molecular biology. We search for a highly motivated, goal-oriented and hard-working candidate with documented expertise within one or more of the following areas: protein biochemistry, recombinant protein expression and purification, signal transduction research, analysis of protein-protein interactions, receptor biology, endosomal transport, and/or advanced high resolution molecular imaging. 

Personlige egenskaper:

The following personal characteristics are essential:

  • capability to collaborate in a multi-disciplinary working enviroment
  • you enjoy working in a large and complex organization
  • you are highly motivated to pursue a career in an academic research institution
  • you are goal-oriented and have large work capacity. 
  • You have excellent oral and writtten skills in scientific presentations.

Vi tilbyr:

  • A workplace in the center of Oslo 
  • A secure and supportive working environment
  • We can offer an exciting research environment focused on translational research with the aim of generating new knowledge that may lead to new and more effective treatment of disease   
  • Excellent possibilites for further training towards a career as principal scientist
  • In collaboration with University of Oslo we provide programs for career development
  • You will be part of the important societal mission of Oslo University Hospital