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    Field (Zakho-Tawke)
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Wellsite Trainee Drilling Engineer

Job Summary:

The Wellsite Trainee Drilling Engineer (TDE) is an entry level position for a graduate engineer to gain field experience in DNO drilling, completions and workover operations. In this role the trainee will work under experienced DNO personnel on both drilling rig operation and Engineering.

As an entry level position there will be a major focus on HSSE where the trainee will learn safety best practices, required safety behaviours and be expected to participate in DNO safety initiatives.

The TDE trains under and supports the Drilling Supervisor (DSV) / Night Drilling Supervisor (NDSV) in the planning, coordination, supervision, execution and reporting of wellsite operations. The TDE  is an “understudy” (shadow) position to learn the fundamentals of well operations.  During this time the TDE should not be placed in an operational supervisory role, including that of “night DSV." However he/she may be assigned specific tasks by the DSV in line with increasing competency.

The trainee’s development will be evaluated on the job and reviewed on a regular basis. With successful performance and sufficient experience the trainee will eventually qualify as a drilling engineer and will be able to run operations with minimal supervision.


Key Responsibilities:


•           Learns and complies with DNO policies and standards.

•           Attends all rig site safety meeting and supports DSV/NDSV during HSE Audits

•           Active role in preparations of JSA and third party JSA

•           Learns and take an active role in Contractors and DNO Safe Card program

•           Understudy and assists the NDSV in activities related to risk assessments

•           Understudy and assist with regular inspections of critical components and equipment in the rig (Fire fighting, mechanical lifting equipment, well control related equipment) 


Well Engineering and Operations

•           Understudy and perform engineering calculations (i.e. Kick tolerance, hydraulics, ECD, torque and drag etc).

•           Performs the double check of all engineering calculations in the operations programs (drilling, mud, cementing, bottom up displacement etc)

•           Performs double checks for all pipe tallies used on location

•           Understudy and assisting in monitoring real time drilling parameters for trends such as drilling breaks, washouts, kicks, increasing torque and drag etc

•           Assist in monitoring operations and communicate to DSV/NDSV deviations from driller’s standing orders of the day

•           Understudy and assist in the preparation of Standing Instructions to Drillers for each tour

•           Understudy and assist in the update of the forecast and activity plans (Lookahead)

•           Daily tracking of materials and equipment at the rig site,and inventory updating

•           Assists in inspection and certifications checks on all equipment upon arrival and departure from location

•           Understudy and assist in the preparation of daily operations reports and learns the Peleton Wellview software.

•           Understudy and help maintain the Time vs Depth curves

•           Understudy and help maintain the daily cost sheet and the Cost vs. Depth curve

•           Understudy with DSV, NDSV and Toolpusher hitch by hitch all the different functions of third party equipment and personnel and organizations

•           Prepares End-of-Well Operations Summaries and iQx Lessons Learned  under supervision


Training and Reporting

•           Deliver an “End of Hitch” report after each period at the rigsite with learning’s and improvement suggestions for the operations to the Mentor. 


Required Qualifications & Experience:

•           Graduate in Petroleum Engineering or similar discipline

•           Some exposure to rig operations preferred, possibly previous internship.

•           Speaks/ Read and write English.

•           Proficient use of Microsoft Office