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A vacancy has arisen for a Toolpusher.  The successful candidate will become a member of the crew working a 3/3 offshore rotation in the UKCS.



The candidates must have the following qualifications and / or experience:


  • The individual must demonstrate leadership, safety and supervisory skills.
  • Must have a good professional knowledge and have completed systematic training for the post or at least 3 years documented practice as Toolpusher / Performance Toolpusher / Tourpusher
  • Must be in possession of a valid IWCF Drilling Well Control Level 4 certificate.
  • Experience in all phases of onsite drilling operations.
  • Some experience with construction/projects would be beneficial in this position. 
  • Must have good communication skills


The Toolpusher supervises the work activity of all Odfjell Drilling personnel.  Essential functions include planning, scheduling, problem solving, conducting inspections and operational meetings, interacting with other rig department heads, and communicating directions to the Performance Toolpusher and/or Driller. The ultimate objective of this position is to complete successful offshore oil and/or gas wells to the satisfaction of the Client, Company management and within compliance of applicable regulations.


  • Manages and directs the daily activities of the drilling department in accordance with client goals and within Company guidelines/policy.
  • Be knowledgeable in the Company management systems to ensure compliance with procedure.
  • Development of commissioning and operating procedures for new equipment.
  • Operates the drilling unit in accordance with safe and acceptable practices within company guidelines/policy.
  • To be on location at critical points in the operation or to ensure adequate supervision is available.
  • Ensure that rig equipment is maintained in compliance with Company’s preventative programme within area of responsibility.
  • Ensure that all Drilling, Completions and Service Provider personnel carry out work activities in accordance with the Client and Odfjell Drilling procedures.
  • Conduct internal assessments (where applicable) to company standards and procedures on activities within your area of competence.
  • Act as an Area Authority to ensure all work activities in the Drilling package and associated areas are controlled under the permit to work system.
  • Liaise on behalf of Company with the Client’s representative on site.
  • Carry out appraisals as per part of Company procedure.
  • Continual improvement and transfer of experience.
  • Conduct pre-tour meetings with drill crew to communicate daily objectives, special instructions, safety precautions and training activities as required.
  • Ensure that weekly crew safety meetings take place.
  • Review drilling programmes and issue daily reports
  • Report status and changes of status promptly to rig manager.
  • Manage and conduct self verification activities.
  • Attend appropriate well control schools.  Maintain appropriate well control certification and operate the drilling unit in accordance with safe well control practices and in compliance with local regulatory requirements.
  • Knowledgeable and able to perform procedures for circulating kick out in accordance with all well control scenarios.
  • Review all Operational/Technical Bulletins and implement all directives as required.
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with other department heads, supervisors, operator’s representatives, subcontractors and other personnel on the drilling unit.
  • Operate in such a manner which results in achieving the Operating Plan and objectives including but not limited to the following areas:

-        Downtime

-        Safety

-        Client drilling curve

-        Rig budget (cost control)

-        Manpower turnover

-        Rig appearance/housekeeping

  • Eliminate any waste, and establish a cost conscious planning effort within area of responsibility.
    • Ensure that adequate levels of inventory for the drilling system equipment area maintained, accurately inventoried and preserved.


Applications should be submitted via PULSE or by visiting career’s page by Monday 27th January 2020.


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