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    Bjørvika, Oslo or Solheimsviken, Bergen
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    Bank, finans og forsikring
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  • Arbeidssted:
    Bjørvika, Oslo or Solheimsviken, Bergen
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Tech Lead

Are you curious and like to explore technology from mainframe to cloud? Would you like to have your hands on applications critical for the Norwegian Financial infrastructure? We are looking to strengthen our IT Banking Services team with an experienced Tech Lead. 

What's in it for you?

We have the pleasure of working with existing applications supporting more than 70% of DNBs current income base, combined with new applications that will be a strategic advantage for the future. Strategic business development like the new mobile bank, Foundry, Vipps and BM Puls, are all powered by Banking Services' applications and data, through API’s built by our API team.

We are also responsible for technical upgrades and modernization. We handle everything from upgrade of Cobol to migration of .NET to cloud. We continuously work on building our CI/CD pipeline and automating processes in build, test and deploy. 

By joining our team you will have a real impact and a central role in bringing DNB towards the future. You will work in a team of skilled people who love to solve problems, share knowledge and think outside the box. You will have a unique opportunity to develop your engineering skills as well as your business understanding.

What will you do?

Our Application Service teams take holistic ownership of applications through their entire lifecycle, from feasibility study and design to operations.

Our Tech Lead’s main responsibility will be to lead a DevOps team responsible for application services. This includes:

  • Keeping technical alignment on an optimal level without interfering with team autonomy
  • Initiate and coordinate efforts and initiatives across the section
  • Focusing on technical decision making, leading work that affects one or more systems
  • Responsible for technical quality, security and compliance
What are we looking for?

We are looking for a tech-enthusiast with background from complex IT environments. We would like to increase our staff with creative people who understand the need for innovation and change, while at the same time securing stable operations at all times.

We are looking for a Tech Lead that can bring a unique blend of leadership and management skills and apply these to a technical context with a team of developers. We are looking for someone that is hands-on the code, and at the same time can steer the team towards a common technical vision.

Don't exactly fit the profile, but still feel you got what it takes? Get in touch. We are looking for diversity, people with the right mindset and passion to deliver.

What we offer: 
  • Competitive salary terms
  • Flexible working hours
  • Challenging career opportunities
  • Possibilities of attending conferences and trainings
  • Favourable pension scheemes 
  • Personell bank with favourable discounts and intrest rates 
  • Competitive insurance policies
  • Resorts available for employees in Norway and abroad
  • Sports, cultural and other activities outside of the workplace
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