Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Handelshøyskolen BI

Skole - Universitet

The Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Campus Bergen is hiring an Associate Professor / Senior Lecturer within the field of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at our Campus in Bergen.

The Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship wishes to expand the faculty related to research and teaching in entrepreneurship and strategy at Campus Bergen.

The person hired will be expected to actively contribute to BI's similar programs at the Oslo / Trondheim campuses and will be working closely with Faculty at the Department.

The Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at BI Norwegian Business School focuses on the academic fields of strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The department has an ambition to increase academic and practical relevance through high quality research and active collaboration with business and the public sector. Key research topics at the department include business models, technological innovation and digitalisation, international business and organization, entrepreneurship, alliances, networks, acquisitions, health innovations, knowledge-based strategy, strategy processes and clusters / framework conditions, etc.

To the position as Associate Professor applicants must have a relevant PhD or equivalent. Candidates for the Associate Professor position must have a documented ability to publish high-quality research in leading journals in the field of entrepreneurship and/or strategy.

For the Senior Lecturer position candidates must have a documented ability to publish pedagogical works, including cases aimed at entrepreneurship and/or strategy teaching, as well as good pedagogical skills in the delivery of teaching both digitally and in the classroom / auditorium. Also, for pedagogical positions, research competence, for example a doctoral degree, will be assessed positively. BI may also consider appointing candidates to a Lecturer position with qualification requirements, if the assessment of relevant candidates indicates this.

Applicants should be prepared to undertake teaching assignments across a wide range of study programs and the position will be central in the management and development of BI's Bachelor in Entrepreneurship. The teaching takes place largely in Norwegian and applicants mastering a Scandinavian language will have an advantage. Documented experience with interactive and process- oriented teaching methods, teaching of large classes, knowledge of and interest in modern pedagogical approaches, as well as the development of study programs, are given weight.

BI may also consider appointing candidates to a Lecturer position, with qualification requirements to senior lecturer position, if the assessment of relevant candidates indicates this.

It is expected that the person appointed has the ability and willingness to actively contribute to the department's academic community. Motivated candidates can count on exciting challenges in a complex, dynamic and stimulating professional environment. BI will prioritize applicants who have collaborated with the private business sector and / or the public sector, including collaboration related to R&D, research dissemination and consultancy.

Competence assessment will be carried out in accordance with the usual rules for academic and pedagogical positions at universities and scientific colleges. The position is linked to our current pension scheme. Salary on agreement.

We are primarily looking for a person who has an interest in teaching and ambitions for the development and strengthening of our offer in the bachelor area where we need more capacity.

Women are encouraged to apply. Relevant applicants will be called for an interview, as well as a trial lecture or seminar presentations.

BI Norwegian Business School reserves the right not to employ applicants who are scientifically qualified, if it is found that they do not satisfy other, specified requirements, for pedagogical abilities, teaching experience, experience from work in or in collaboration with the business community and for personal collaboration skills.

The application, CV and complete list of professional works are to be sent electronically. The assessment shall be made on the basis of documented scientific and pedagogical competence. For documentation of scientific competence, it is possible to submit up to 15 scientific works. The applicant must point to / submit the up to 15 scientific works that he or she believes are the most important, both on the basis of the criterion of scientific specialization and the criterion of scientific breadth. A doctoral dissertation is considered one work, even though it is composed of several works. Also note that it is necessary to document pedagogical competence. Should you have problems uploading documentation electronically, contact Remember that the highest degree and other particularly relevant education must be documented. It is not possible to submit work after the deadline.