Postdoctoral position within infertility and risk of cardiovascular disease

At the Centre for Fertility and Health, we have a 3-year position postdoc position available working on the INFERTILITY project funded by the European Research Council: Understanding the causal nature of the relationship between infertility and cardiovascular disease. As a postdoctoral researcher in the Centre you will be part of a multidisciplinary research team consisting of epidemiologists, geneticists, demographers, and other social scientists from Norway and abroad. The Centre has extensive collaborations with national and international research groups. 
The INFERTILITY project sets out to understand the complex relationship between infertility and cardiovascular diseases. We will first evaluate whether both men and women who are infertile have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. To evaluate the direction of the relationship, we will also examine whether classic risk factors for cardiovascular disease (overweight, smoking, high blood pressure, etc.) influences the risk of infertility. This will highlight whether infertility might simply be a marker of a poorer underlying cardiometabolic health present before being diagnosed with fertility problems. We will also evaluate whether pregnancy complications and the use of assisted reproductive technologies might explain any increased risk of cardiovascular disease among infertile women. The project will use readily collected data from large population-based cohorts and the national health registries, including the Norwegian Mother, Father and Child Cohort Study (MoBa) and the Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT). The project will use genotype data both to conduct genetic association studies and to use genetic variants as instrumental variables in Mendelian randomization analyses. 
We are also hiring a PhD student to work on the project. The postdoc will be expected to contribute to the supervision of the PhD student. Some traveling should be expected, and there are possibilities for research visits abroad during the postdoc period.

Work tasks
  • Conduct statistical analyses of population-based data according to the description of the INFERTILITY grant.
  • Write and publish scientific papers.
  • Communicate results also in a popular scientific way to the general public.
  • Contribute to develop research at the Centre and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in general (contribute to writing further applications for funding and to ongoing research in other projects).
  • Collaborate and communicate with a larger network of researchers.
  • PhD within medicine, genetics, statistics or epidemiology.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and preferably also in a Scandinavian language.
  • Experience with organizing and analysing big complex datasets is an advantage.
  • Good knowledge of registry data, population-based cohort studies or genetic studies is an advantage.
  • Experience with using statistical software such as R or STATA is an advantage.
  • High productivity with a central role in important publications is an advantage.
  • Previous relevant research experience or practical clinical experience is an advantage. 
Personaly traits
  • You should be innovative, take initiative and be results oriented. 
  • Have an interest in topics relevant to the project and the Centre (such as cardiovascular disease, genetic, and fertility).
  • Personal suitability will be considered.
  • The successful candidate should be flexible and able to work independently, efficiently and goal oriented and contribute to an inclusive working environment. 
We offer
  • An interesting job with varied tasks in an active and engaging research environment.
  • The opportunity to work on population-based data sets and with researchers that are world-class.
  • The opportunity for professional advancement and development of an independent research profile.
  • An employer with a great societal responsibility who plays an important role in the health and welfare of the Norwegian population.
  • A three-year temporary position as a postdoc. Salary by agreement, within the state's wage regulation.
  • Good welfare schemes.
  • Flexible working times.
  • The start date will be decided together with the candidate.