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Operations Drilling Engineer

Job Summary:

The Operations Drilling Engineer is responsible for well engineering and operations support for one or more rigs including preparing Basis of Designs, Drilling Programs and Procedures, AFE’s and End of Well Reports as well as input to Well Proposals.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Promotes compliance with DNO Policies and standards.
  • Participates in HSSE and non-conformance event investigations and reporting as required.
  • Conducts safety audits when on field visits

Planning and Operations

  • Works closely with sub-surface teams during Concept Select phase to optimize well choice, objectives, risk and cost.
  • Prepares Drilling Programs.
  • Prepares well operations procedures e.g. Casing running and cementing and follows the execution of programs technically.
  • Performs offset well analysis.
  • Prepares input for the Well Proposal and Basis of Design.
  • Performs casing and tubing design using Landmark software.
  • Leads formal Risk Assessments to minimize risk and build contingencies and options into well plans and procedures. Develops SIMOPS plans.
  • Ensures that materials comply with DNO and industry standards. Establishes Quality Plans for manufactured goods and ensures that appropriate inspection activities are carried out.
  • On non-standard HP exploration projects, prepares Well Control ER Plan, Blowout Contingency Plan, Relief Well Plan, gas dispersion modelling etc.
  • Leads Pre-Spud meetings, DWOP’s, AAR’s etc.
  • Presents well engineering solutions at Partner and other Stakeholder meetings.
  • Prepares timely End-of-Well reports.
  • Participates in selection and evaluation of service companies, suppliers and equipment. Assigned as Contract Holder for one or more contracts, in compliance with DNO Contractor Management procedures.
  • Ensures proper communication with relevant parties – service providers and stakeholders etc.
  • Participates in cost control of programs Vs AFE by analyzing solutions.
  • Reviews new technology for possible application to project.
  • Collaborates with DNO Business Development team to carry out fast track well designs, cost estimates, schedules, risk assessments and development plans etc.

Performance and Cost Monitoring

  • QA/QC of data in Daily Drilling Report.
  • Monitors daily Time/Depth progress.
  • Monitors daily Cost/Depth progress Vs AFE.
  • Record and monitor operational NPT trends.
  • Evaluates results Vs goals and performance of service companies.
  • Initiates engineering corrective action to ensure a process of continuous improvement.
  • Performs engineering studies to solve recurring problems (wellbore stability, lost circulation, washouts, etc).

Required Qualifications & Experience:

  • The Operations Drilling Engineer must have a Bachelors or Masters degree in a relevant subject, preferably Petroleum Engineering.
  • Minimum of 15 years’ experience in Drilling Engineering with proven success in a relevant Drilling Engineer role.
  • Competent user of Landmark drilling engineering software.
  • Experienced with MPD and UBD operations.
  • Familiar with Well Integrity concepts including application of NORSOK D010.
  • Experienced in onshore operations.

Key Attributes:

  • Demonstrates commitment to HSSE policy and standards
  • Develops highly positive relationships with both field and office teams.
  • Demonstrates highly effective planning and organizing ability
  • Looks beyond the obvious in problem solving.
  • Ensures cost effective use of services and equipment.
  • Maintains a strong focus on progress towards achievement of objectives. 

The role reports to Head of Drilling and will be based in Dubai, UAE. Work schedule will be Sunday to Thursday, 8AM to 5PM and duration will be 3 months. Only suitable candidates apply. 

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