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    Internship (Heltid 2-5 mnd)
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    IT, telekommunikasjon og internett
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    Ikke påkrevet
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Bianka Stullerova

Internship at Synculario - Managing Director (MD) Assistant

Managing Director (MD) Assistant - link

What we offer to the students:

Our aim is to provide relevant opportunities and experience to international students in an extremely growing IT industry in several areas with the possibility of a remote job offer after the internship.

  • Support with accommodation and relocation.
  • Inspiring environment, consultations with experts from the field.
  • Informal work atmosphere, great and strong coffee, and friendly young colleagues.
  • Funding from Erasmus + grant.

What you will be doing:

Are you interested in a managerial role in your future career? You have a chance to see how Martin manages Synculario through the region.

  • Handles and resolves any disputes within or related to the program and the department, in support of the MD
  • Sets program goals and devises new methods for improving and sustaining the program or the department activity
  • Presents development ideas to upper level administrative or managerial departments
  • Coordinates and oversees program development and execution
  • Plans activities and special events related to the program
  • Provide authoritative advice on management, goals, and objectives of the Office including development of substantive priorities and utilization of the human resources, funds, and material allocated for existing and new programs

If you are interested in more information about the company or the job position, please do not hesitate to contact Synculario Ambassador Bianka (student of UCN; International Hospitality Management). Bianka experienced Internship at Synculario during the summer of 2020 and she is ready to share her impression from the whole stay at the company. She is also your contact person for any future questions about your potential Internship.

Bianka Stullerova

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