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Front-End Developer Chapter Lead

“Chapter Lead?” you might think. 
A dynamic role with the opportunity to combine servant leadership with hands-on execution of your high-quality Front-end developer skill set!

Earlier this year we reorganized our Technology and Innovation (T&I) Department in DFDS and introduced a new way of working – in tribes - a network defined by mission and purpose. In every tribe structure, there are three key lead roles, one of them being the Chapter Lead. Right now, we are looking for our next great Front-End Developer Chapter Lead to make a difference for the Front-End area in DFDS.  

What it is like to be Chapter Lead  

As a Chapter Lead, your main objective is to ensure consistency and work standards, capability building, line management and vision setting within your area, in this case Front-End. This also means that you are a specialist and passionate about Front-End yourself.  

You will become part of the Technology & Innovation Department and be Chapter Lead (line manager) for 6-8 of our skilled Front-End developers.  

It is important to notice that the role as Chapter Lead is also what we call playing coach, and your time will be spent on three core areas:  

  • You will develop the Front-End craft 

  • You will line manage the Front-End developers within the craft., e.g. leading, recruiting, developing, and evaluating people 

  • You will be a Front-end developer in your own agile team     

The responsibilities  

To be more precise on what you can expect as our new Front-End Chapter Lead, it will be your responsibility to: 

  • Ensure consistency in ways or working and standards within the professional domain across tribes 

  • Lead professional expertise through standard setting 

  • Provide sparring on best practices or new ways of working 

  • Be line manager for professionals within their trade and chapter across tribes and assumes responsibility for review and development plans 

  • Develop people within their area to become the best possible professionals 

  • Ensure rewarding career tracks and best in class training 

  • Develop and lead the vision for what a professional is within their craft 

  • Communicate the ambition both within and outside the professional domain 

  • Inspire and create excitement around the future of the craft – is a specialist within the field and ensures cutting-edge knowledge/training 

To get an even better feeling of how it is to be working as a Chapter Lead in DFDS, here is what one of our Chapter Leads says about it:  

As a Chapter LeadI am a “playing coach” as we call it. I work both with the teams to develop value for our customers and I am a driver for the Scrum Master Chapter where we develop our craftmanship together. If I should describe the culture in T&I in three words it would be: Ambitious, open minded and humorous. People are great and we really got something going on!”

Lisbeth, Scrum Master Chapter Lead.

We are agile... Are you?  

We are working agile in T&I. As the agile principles are very defining for our culture and way of workingyou need to either have experience with working agile or at least to have the interest in following the principles and the Scrum/Kanban method 

Let us turn the focus to you  

To be considered for the position, we expect that you hold a bachelor- or a master’s degree of IT/science and that you have professional experience with the following: 

  • In-depth knowledge within Front-End development based on technologies as: JavaScriptReact.js, Gatsby, NextJS, NodeJS and NestJS, RESTful and GraphQL APIs 
  • Modern front-end build pipelines and tools 

  • You understand business requirements and know how to translate them into technical requirements 

  • Experience with people management. It can also be the case that you have experience with informal leadership and you now want to take it to the next step. 

As Front-End Chapter Lead your personal competencies has a crucial impact on your success with setting the vision and standards for the Front-End development area in DFDSThis means that we expect that it comes natural to you to lead the way and the “how”. Furthermore, you are a charismatic person with great coaching skills and able to develop your team to become better professionals 

About DFDS and Technology & Innovation  

As a key part of our strategy, DFDS’ Technology & Innovation teams are instrumental in providing efficient ferry and road transport services in Europe. DFDS employs 8,000 people ashore and at sea throughout Europe and the Mediterranean region, including 340 highly dedicated Digital and IT experts. 

At DFDS, we believe that digital technologies, and the pace of their adoption, are key driving forces in changing the ways businesses work. Hence, IT Architecture & development is strategically important in the continued journey and success for DFDS. This position holds a fantastic opportunity to influence the way DFDS will be conducting business in the future and offers you an excellent opportunity to further enhance your career path. 

To learn more about what our colleagues have to say about working in DFDS, and our technological journey, look at 

Are we a match? Apply now! 

If you want to look back on your career and know you were a vital part of building a great company, this role is for you. Submit your CV and cover letter as soon as possible as we are going through the applications on an ongoing basis.  

If you are left with any questions to the position, please send a mail to Stefan Strandbygaard, Competence Lead, at