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    4836  ARENDAL

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GRID-Arendal was established in 1989 to support environmentally sustainable development by working with UN Environment and other partners. We communicate environmental knowledge that strengthens management capacity and motivates decision-makers to act. We transform environmental data into credible, science-based information products, delivered through innovative communication tools and capacity building services.

Our vision is a society that understands, values and protects the environment on which it depends. GRID-Arendal has a diverse team of 35 international professionals working in Arendal, Norway.

The United Nations Environment Programme, as the worlds leading intergovernmental environmental organization, is the authoritative source of knowledge on the current state of, and trends shaping the global environment. Read more here: https://www.unenvironment.org.

Prospective candidates should note that this is not a UN post.

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