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    Fiske og fiskeoppdrett
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    Privat aksjeselskap
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    Nergård Senja AS


Nerveien 19

Nergård Senja AS oppføring hos:

Nergård Senja AS

Nergård is an integrated fishery group whose business activities includes catching, processing and sales; in this field we are the second-largest in Northern Norway. Our products are sold to markets throughout the world, from our location north of the Arctic Circle. With the cold clean water in the sea, you will find some of the world's largest and most well-managed populations of groundfish and pelagic fish – which provides us with access to extremely high quality raw materials. This gives us great possibilities to run our business.

Our growth since 1947 has been slow but steady – starting out as a family business, and later becoming a group with national owners. Nergård owns trawlers and production companies from Lofoten to West Finnmark and continuously invests in our vessels and plants to always stay ahead of our competitors. We focus on profitability and development, so that we can secure Nergård's future as a leading player in the fishing industry in Northern Norway.

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