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Associate Professor/ Professor/ Sr. Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour

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BI Norwegian Business School, Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, invites applications for a position as Professor/Associate Professor/ Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour at BI Norwegian Business School in the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour. The position will be associated with the Organizational Psychology section in the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour. 

The successful applicant must have formal qualifications in an organizational psychology relevant field. Ideally, the candidate will have qualifications particularly within psychosocial work environment, differential psychology, group processes, conflict management, leadership, or other relevant subjects within the field of organizational behaviour. In line with BI's guidelines, candidates lacking sufficient pedagogical competence must acquire this within two years of appointment.

Much of the thesis advice that the department provides requires quantitative competency, and we are therefore seeking candidates with knowledge in quantitative methods.

The Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour has 77 employees, including PhD students, associated employees at BI’s campuses, emeriti, and administrative staff. The department and the Organizational Psychology section offer training in organizational behaviour and management at the bachelor, master (Master of Science, Executive Master of Management, EMBA) and doctoral levels. Successful candidates should expect to teach as well as provide thesis advice related to the school's bachelor's degrees in Organizational Psychology, HR and Leadership, the Master of Science programme in Leadership and Organizational Psychology and the Executive Education programmes and courses.


Qualification requirements:
  • For the position of associate professor/ professor, applicants must have a Norwegian PhD, or a PhD from elsewhere with equivalent scope and quality as a Norwegian PhD, as well as documented ability to publish high-quality research in leading journals beyond PhD.
  • For the senior lecturer position, the applicant must have extensive documented research and development work that in terms of quality and scope is equivalent to the amount of work involved in and standard of a doctoral thesis. We want to see proof of your ability to publish pedagogical works and cases aimed at teaching, as well as good pedagogical skills in the delivery of teaching – digitally and in the lecture rooms. We are happy to meet applicants with a PhD for the senior lecturer position. BI may consider hiring candidates for the position of lecturer with a requirement for qualification as a senior lecturer if our assessment of relevant candidates indicates this.
  • The position as Professor requires scientific level and breadth by reference to international or national standards in the relevant discipline. In addition to the requirements concerning basic qualifications for teaching and supervision, the following must be documented:
    • Quality development of own teaching and supervision over time
    • Broad experience of supervision, preferably at master/PhD level
    • Participation in the development of educational quality in peer groups.
  • All candidates should have basic qualifications for teaching and supervision at university and university college level. Applicants for Associate Professor position who do not meet the requirements at the time of the appointment shall be instructed to satisfy them within two years of the appointment.
  • All candidates are expected to contribute to the research and teaching environment of the Department to a considerable degree, as well as to BI’s overall research strategy. Candidates, therefore, must have a good command of English, both written and oral.
  • Good pedagogical skills and pedagogical qualifications will be given much weight.
  • Part of the department's teaching portfolio is aimed at Norwegian working life. The person chosen must therefore master the Norwegian/Scandinavian language and have knowledge and understanding of Norwegian/Scandinavian working life. Applicants who do not have sufficient knowledge of the Norwegian/Scandinavian language must have acquired Norwegian language skills equivalent to level B2 within three years of employment. 


For assessment, emphasis is placed on:
  • Research publications and research potential
  • Cooperation with private business and/or the public sector, including cooperation related to R&D, research dissemination and research-based advice.
  • Other advisory, dissemination activities, research management and contributions to research projects may also be considered. In addition, consideration will begiven to any administrative experience, management expertise and business knowledge.

Assessment of competence is made in accordance with normal rules relating to academic and pedagogical positions at universities. Relevant applicants will be invited to an interview, as well as a trial lecture or seminar presentation. BI Norwegian Business School reserves the right to not appoint applicants who are scientifically qualified if it is found that other, more closely specified requirements in the position announcement concerning pedagogical skills, teaching experience, experience from work in or in cooperation with business and industry and personal cooperation skills are not met.


Further details about the position may be obtained from BI Norwegian Business School, Head of Department Øyvind Martinsen, tel.: 464 10 737.


The application, CV and a complete list of academic works must be submitted electronically. The highest degree and other particularly relevant education must be documented.


Academic works, copies of up to fifteen publications, as well as any information about and/or documentation of other activities that may be significant for the assessment of an applicant’s qualifications should be uploaded to the application. Works or other documentation may not be submitted after the application deadline.


Application deadline: October 12th, 2022.